CNC Router

This is an introductory series of woodworking cnc. It is very suitable for customers who use CNC engraving machines in the early stage or customers who plan to purchase a simple and practical machine as an alternative to manual engraving. The machine adopts transmission of rack and pinion, the processing speed is greatly improved compared with the earlier transmission of ball screw. At the same time, as a manual tool changer machine, the operation of the machine is simpler and more convenient. Coupled with the low price of this type of machine, it is a very suitable equipment for initial investment.

This series is mainly used in woodworking industry and advertising industry, some of common wood carving, hollowing, etc. in woodworking industry, as well as billboard engraving and lettering in the advertising industry.

In terms of configuration, we provide customers with multiple optional configurations. For example, in terms of spindles, we provide options such as single spindle and multiple spindles; And there are three options for the table, T-slot aluminum table, T-slot and vacuum table and fully vacuum table. For processes with different requirements for working speed, we offer stepper motors, servo motors and hybrid servo motors for customers to choose from.

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CNC Router Applications

Applicable materials 

wood, MDF, acrylic, plastic, plaster, composite panel, composite boards, foam, EPS, styro foam, fiberglass, aluminum board, density board, wave board, PVC, acrylic, crystal, light marble and other nonmetal materials and light metal materials.

Applicable industry

Signs making such as signage, led signage, logo signage, custom signage, metal signage, commercial and residential signs, office signs, 3D LED sign boards, 3D LED signage, cutting panels, led sign, led lit box sign, 3D lettering, Neon sign, channel letters, Box signs.

Furniture making such as wood doors, cabinet, kitchen, bed, table, desk, chairs, solid wood doors, custom wood doors, front door, door manufacture, interior doors, exterior doors, windows.

Decorations 3D wall, wall paneling, exhibition displays. 

Musical Instrument making such as guitar, piano, violin etc.

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