CNC Nesting Machine

CNC nesting machine series has always been a very popular series for us. This series focuses on automated production and high-efficiency production, and is widely used in wooden furniture production, especially in the panel furniture production industry.

Automatic tool changing replaces manual tool changing with machine automatic tool changing during the processing of door panels, cabinets and other furniture, which greatly improves production and processing efficiency and accuracy.

Multi-head equipment is very suitable for the production and processing of cabinets.

The automatic loading and unloading system realizes the automatic loading of the machine before processing, and the automatic unloading process after the processing is completed, which saves labor and brings great convenience to automated factories.

In addition, optional functions such as drilling and automatic labeling can meet your diverse needs in actual production and help you with efficient production and batch processing.

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CNC Nesting Application

The cnc nesting machine can be used to produce items such as doors, cabinets, wardrobes, panel furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, and so on.

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