Choose a Suitable CNC Woodworking Center According to Your Processing Needs

For customers who produce panel furniture, the most commonly used machine are four-head cnc woodworking center, double spindle with drill heads cnc woodworking center, ATC CNC router, and ATC CNC router with drill heads. So which series is suitable for you? First of all, customers must clarify their main processing needs and select the right machines according to their needs to ensure maximum processing efficiency.

1. Four-head cnc woodworking center, is an entry-level cnc woodworking center, four spindles are used for drilling, grooving, and cutting separately by   switching to complete each process in turn. In comparison, the advantage is competitive price, and the disadvantage is slower processing speed. 

2. Double-spindle with drill heads cnc woodworking center, with a 5+4 vertical drill head to drill vertical holes. The advantage of this machine is mainly in drilling. Adjacent holes can be processed at the same time. The drilling speed is fast, which is twice as fast as the four-head drilling speed. At the same time, The drill head can automatically switch the tool according to the size of the hole, and the drilling process can be completed in an instant. Don’t worry even if there are many types of holes. With higher speed of drilling and cutting, and the higher accuracy. This machine is the first choice for customers who specialize in various cabinets processing.

3. ATC CNC router, divided into linear ATC and Carousel ATC, which can realize 12 or 16 tools switch automatically. This series specializes in making all kinds of door, cabinet doors, and some of cabinet bodies, but its drilling speed is a bit slower because it need to take time to change different tools to drill holes of different specifications. Regarding to the price, Carousel ATC is more expensive because of its servo tool magazine.

4. ATC CNC router with rill head, this is a very comprehensive model, which can process all kinds of door panels and cabinets we just mentioned above, with large capacity and high efficiency. And the price is the most expensive among the four types.

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