The Advantages and Disadvantages of CNC Router with Different Transmission

Advantages and disadvantages of ball screw transmission

It is the earliest transmission of CNC engraving machine. It features high accuracy, slow running speed, high environmental requirements, and relatively short service life. The single ball screw on Y-axis is hard to be too long, and it is easy to shake when machine runs at high speed. If the installation accuracy is not high, the ball screw on Y-axis will be broken after runs for a long time. Double ball screw structure could be used to meet the requirements of high precision. For processing speed, generally is about 7m/min.  CNC machine with ball screw transmission mainly suitable for advertising industry, wood products, small crafts, lighter stone materials and so on.

Advantages and disadvantages of rack and pinion transmission

The rack and pinion transmission is an upgraded type of ball screw type. It is a newly developed model because the ball screw machine cannot meet the requirements of high-speed processing. This type has high speed, less environmental requirements, relatively long service life, but lower accuracy than the screw machine. , The Y-axis and X-axis of the rack and pinion machine are driven by rack and pinion, and the Z-axis is generally driven by ball screw. Its accuracy are mainly determined by the meshing accuracy of the guide rail and the rack and pinion. The size of the machine can be large. And its processing speed could reach to 15m/min. This machine is widely used for woodworking products processing, like furniture making, wood engraving, plate cutting and so on.

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